MILF Karen

MILF Karen

I have encouraged my shy, conservative, Catholic wife to discuss how other men look at her while I’m not around. She has surprised me by talking about how men look at her tits (36C). She is a degreed and educated attractive MILF in her late 30’s active in the PTA and church activities who has suddenly opened up sexually. She talks about how she loves how professional men look at her big tits. When I asked her why that turned her on she mentioned that she just loves being seen.

I have been what you’d call a “good girl” for most of my life until recently. My husband (whom I adore) has really be great with me in becoming more naughty. Before recently the ONLY ‘wild’ time I’ve ever had was at a Greatful Dead concert years ago with some friends. I had on a short skirt and a tank top. This guy behind me kept touching me, casually at first, then more assertively. I had a good buzz, and was into the music. He made sure he brushed me with his hard on thru his shorts. I reached behind me and gave his cock a tug. He moved close, lifted my skirt and started fingering me. No one seemed to pay attention or care (it was dark and close). Next thing I feel is this strangers’s finger sliding in me. We just kept moving to the music. I had to bite my lip when I came, and let out a yelp, which caused my friends to look at me. There was no denying what was going on, but they acted like they didn’t notice. It was intense. I never saw him again, but it gets me hot whenever I think about my one and only youthful indescretion.

But now I am a naughty ‘milf’ as hubby calls me. When hubby and I go to hotels now-a-days, I always open the door for the room service guys completely naked. When there’s a knock on the door he goes into the bathroom. I open the door for him and move slowly to find my purse giving time to the guy to watch my exposed naked body. It takes time finding the purse and then I open it in front of the guy and then tip him with a smiling sexy face. Of course it takes time for me to sign the paper exposing my ass and pussy while bending down over a table. I’m sure he thinks I’m another dumb BLONDE. The guy leaves confused (and aroused I bet) and my hubby’s dick goes into my wet pussy right after the show! - Karen


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